About the author


My name is Melanie McCartney and I’m a small business owner. I began writing about politics in 2013. I tackle the hard stuff in an attempt to share that information with you in laymen terms, taking away the jargon, and making it easy to understand. I’ve come a long way in four-years with my writing. When I wrote: ‘The standard that you walk past’, something clicked inside of me and I feel as though I finally get it. I will be editing and formatting all of my other articles in the coming months, and re-publishing them, now that I’ve finally found my voice.

I’m well-read, and research my articles at length. I really enjoy the journey, you never know where you will you end up, or what you might discover. I was born in Western Australia and have lived at length in Queensland,  and New South Wales. I have also lived in various countries overseas, including Malaysia, Singapore, rural Thailand, Ireland, England, Philippines and Fiji. I may throw my hat into the political arena, or something similar, in the not too distant future. In my down time I love reading, cooking and singing.



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