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My name is Melanie McCartney and I’m a small business owner. I began writing about politics in 2013. I tackle the hard stuff in an attempt to share that information with you in laymen terms, taking away the jargon, and making it easy to understand. I’ve come a long way in four-years with my writing. When I wrote: ‘The standard that you walk past’, something clicked inside of me and I feel as though I finally get it. I will be editing and formatting all of my other articles in the coming months, and re-publishing them, now that I’ve finally found my voice.

I’m well-read, and research my articles at length. I really enjoy the journey, you never know where you will you end up, or what you might discover. I was born in Western Australia and have lived at length in Queensland,  and New South Wales. I have also lived in various countries overseas, including Malaysia, Singapore, rural Thailand, Ireland, England, Philippines and Fiji. I may throw my hat into the political arena, or something similar, in the not too distant future. In my down time I love reading, cooking and singing.



  1. Hi Melanie, I’m a PhD student researching the automation and privatisation of social welfare systems in Australia. I’d really like to chat with you in more detail about the CDC and the involvement of Indue. Thanks, Sue

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  2. Thank you for your article. I have to write a leaflet for a protest against the CDC that is coming up, and will be using your work to go by in writing it. Appreciate you taking the time in researching and writing, because this is seriously dangerous, politics and private companies profiting from the poor and vulnerable in our society. Also, the racism involved, I would say genocide, is more than most people realise. Frightening, and sad, for all of us.


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