I am in small business and began writing upon request for Pro Print who noticed my tweets and asked for my take on why I thought the Australian Labor Party (ALP) would do a better job of the National Broadband Network (just before the last election in 2013), the idea being to get points of views from the ALP, the Coalition and Greens. Once I got a taste for political writing and after some time, I knew I had to contribute more than tweeting about politics especially with the lack of information and facts that is main stream media these days. I tackle the hard stuff in an attempt to share that information with you in laymen terms, take away the jargon and it’s fairly easy for most of us to understand. I research my articles at length and I am definitely a “long read” writer aiming not be verbose! I was born in Western Australia and have lived at length in Queensland,  New South Wales and various countries overseas including Malaysia, Singapore, rural Thailand (where I taught some English), Ireland, England, the Philippines and Fiji. I will most likely throw my hat into the political arena in the not too distant future. In my down time I love reading, learning and singing.


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