Industrial relation law changes promised to business groups

I didn’t want this news to get lost in the white noise of MSM (Main Stream Media) and 140 characters on Twitter wasn’t enough. The first link is the article by James Massola for The Age, that I am quickly discussing.

Workplace relations Minister Eric Abetz has sought to reassure business groups that workplace laws remained a “top priority” for the Coalition. The Coalition believe they have neutralised the ALP and the unions ‘attacks’ in regards to the public’s views on WorkChoices

Mr Abetz:

“If I might say, that was part and parcel of, if I might say a performance indicator I set for myself, that if people were to chant WorkChoices the public would say ‘Nope, we don’t believe you. This is sensible, reasonable policy’. Labor tried it at the last election and it clearly did not work.”

Mr Abetz also thinks that over 4 years the political ‘hot potato’  that is workplace laws has cooled. MSM has been littered with articles on a regular basis over the last 4 years with the likes of George Colambaris and current and former politicians calling for penalty rates to be cut. The rusted on arguments about public holidays and weekend penalty rates are Ad nauseam. Mr Abetz says there will be no changes to penalty rates despite calls from the Government’s backbench, MP’s and the business community.        
With this Governments current track record in regards to telling the truth, it may be prudent to keep an eye on this.

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